Executive Board

·           CHAIRMAN PRINCE MOYO MoyoP@eskom.co.za

·           HON SECRETARY KEVIN LEASK Leask@kfw.de

·           HON TREASURER SHIBI JOSEPH ThomasSM@eskom.co.za

·           ELECTED MEMBER 4 ROGER CORMACK RogerCormack1949@gmail.com

·           ELECTED MEMBER 5 KHAYAKAZI DIOKA DiokaK@eskom.co.za

·           ELECTED MEMBER 6 ROBERT KOCH KochRG@eskom.co.za

·           ELECTED MEMBER 7 ROY MACEY Mace@macetech.co.za

·           ELECTED MEMBER 8 SIDWELL MTETWA MtetwaNS@gmail.com

·           ELECTED MEMBER 9 JOHN VAN COLLER VanColler@ee.wits.ac.za

·           PAST CHAIRMAN ROB STEPHEN Stephen@eskom.co.za


·           CO-OPTED MEMBER 1 PHILIP KONIG Konig@gmail.com

·           CO-OPTED MEMBER 2 VEER RAMNARAIN  RamnarainV@eskom.co.za

·           CO-OPTED MEMBER 3 MIKE RYCROFT Rycroft@ee.co.za

·           CO-OPTED MEMBER 4 PAUL TUSON Tuson@mottmac.com


Prince Moyo

Prince Moyo is a General Manager for Power Delivery Engineering at Eskom, the state power utility of Eskom in South Africa, where he has been since 1997. He is responsible for all commodity specifications and standards used by transmission and distribution, from low voltage at 765kV, infrastructure designs as well as construction execution and operational support. His teams include substations, overhead lines, protection and control, high voltage plant, planning GIS, design base and project integration. Prince’s experience ranges from standardization, project design, project management and operations in the transmission and distribution environments. He is a member of C1 Study Committee and stream leader in the C1.34 working group. As chairman of Cigre SANC, Prince is an ex-officio member of all sub-committees. He also serves on the South African committee of the IEC and is a Council Member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers, where he has chaired several committees. He is a registered professional engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

Kevin Leask
Hon Secretary

Shibi Joseph
Hon Treasurer

Working at Eskom as Manager Industry Intelligence, Transmission, Eskom. Previously worked in the Banking , Mining sector , Systems consultant and research supervisor.

Roger Cormack
Elected Member 4

MSc (Elec Eng.) UKZN ; B.Comm UNISA, Roger Cormack has 37 years’ experience working in Eskom, firstly in the Protection, Metering, Telecoms and Control domain for 15 years, responsible for testing commissioning and maintenance of 600MVA generators, 400kV yards and eventually managing these services in the Lowveld, Northern grid and KZN grid.

Khayakazi Dioka
Elected Member 5

BSc Elec Eng (University of Cape Town), MSc Eng (UCT), Khayakazi Dioka is a Corporate Specialist for Transformers and Reactors within Power Delivery Engineering at Eskom, the state power utility of Eskom in South Africa, where she has been since 2003. Her main responsibilities revolve around Transformer failure investigations, technical quality inspections, design reviews, specifications, HV testing, maintenance, repairs, and tenders technical evaluations.

Robert Koch
Elected Member 6

Roy E. Macey
Elected Member 7

Pr.Eng., MSc(Eng), FSAIEE, MIEEE, He has served on several SABS Standards Committees, National Energy Council Steering Groups, High Voltage Co-ordinating Committee Working Groups, and both the Executive and Technical Boards of the National Committee of Cigre. In 1996, he was elected as South Africa’s representative on Cigre Study Committee B2, "Overhead Lines" and, in 2000, was awarded the title of “Distinguished Member” by the Administrative Council of Cigre in Paris. He is Chairman of the National IEC TC36 Mirror Committee.

Sidwell Mtetwa
Elected Member 8

John Van Coller
Elected Member 9

Dr John Van Coller is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand. He lectures in the areas or power systems, power electronics and insulation coordination.

Rob Stephen
Past Chairman

Dr. Rob Stephen was born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1957. He graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1979 with a BSc Electrical Engineering degree. He joined Eskom the electrical utility in 1980. He holds both MSc, MBA degrees as well as a PhD in Objective determination of optimal transmission line designs. He is currently the Master Specialist in the Technology Group in Eskom and is responsible for distribution and transmission technologies of all voltages covering both AC and DC.. He is past chairman of Cigre SC B2 on overhead lines, and has held positions in Cigre of Special reporter and working group chairman and has authored over 100 technical papers. He was recently elected President of Cigre in 2016.

Jacob Machinjike
SAIFE Representative

Philip König
Co-opted Member 1

Philip König is a registered Professional Engineer with ECSA in South Africa, and a Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the Electricity Power Transmission and Distribution industry. During this period, he was employed by utilities, consultants, construction contractors as well as Suppliers/Manufacturers.

Mike Rycroft
Co-Opted Member 3

Veer Ramnarain
Co-Opted Member 2

Paul Tuson
Co-Opted Member 4

Paul is a degreed (MSc) transmission studies specialist with over twenty seven years’ experience in power electrical engineering in Southern Africa, East Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, the USA and the Middle East for voltages up to 765kV HVAC and 533kV HVDC. Key experience is in the areas of power system analysis and financial/economic evaluation of capital projects and expansion plans.

Sharon Mushabe
Public Relations Task Force

Sharon Mushabe has a BSc (Elec Eng) and a MSc (Elec Eng) from the University of Cape Town. She is a registered Professional Engineer with ECSA and is also member of the SAIEE Central Gauteng Centre. She has been employed by Eskom since 2003 and has transmission line design and construction experience in Distribution and Transmission. In her current capacity as a Chief engineer in Line Engineering Services Department, her main roles include design support to field operators during maintenance and emergency incidents, overhead line performance and general overhead line design. She is also responsible for management of the overhead line health index processes in Transmission. She is the Customer Advisory Group (CAG) representative for Africa in the CIGRE B2 Study Committee.